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    Museum Steinau... das Museum an der Straße


    Museum Steinau

    Museum Steinau

    Museum Steinau

    Museum Steinau

    Museum Steinau

    The "Museum Steinau" shows the history of the city as a history of the trade road between Frankfurt and Leipzig, the two big cities with trading fairs in the German Empire.
    Everybody, beggars and whores, salesmen and artists, philosophers and kings used this road and visited Steinau. In former times they had to spend a lot of time for their travel and therefore had to use the guest-houses. Travelling used to be an adventure and a lot of people had to work for this adventure (the blacksmith and further professionals had their workshops in Steinau).
    This all is shown in the Museum Steinau.
    A special exhibition shows the pottery made in Steinau and the surrounding area since medieval times.

    Opening hours
    From the 2nd of January to Sunday before Christmas, daily from 10h00 to 17h00.

    Guided tours
    Bookings of guided tours at the tourist office are possible all year round. The tour lasts for about 1 hour, the price is 35.00 € plus 4.00 € entrance fee each adult or 2.50 € each child.

    Entrance fees
    adults 6.00 €

    children 4.00 € 
    family 12.00 € 


    Further information
    tourist office, phone: 0049(0)6663-973 88

    counter of the museum, phone: 0049(0)6663-76 05

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